Progress,  page 72
This is the shower in the master bedroom.  It has taken us over two months (!) to build this thing,
but it turned out pretty nice and I think it was worth it.  We tiled it with tumbled traverine, a
natural stone from the limestone family.  The beige wall tiles are 6 inches in size so you can get a
sense of the size of the shower, the total area of which (counting the entry) is almost 100 square
feet.  There are two separate shower heads on the other side of the wall in the middle, and you
can enter the shower itself from either the left or right hand side as you see it here.  You can just
barely see the skylight in the ceiling over the entry, and there are 350 watt heat lamps in the
ceiling on either side of the skylight.  The windows in the background are glass block.
The picture below shows half the shower area.  I'm standing in the mirror image of what you see
here.  The total length of the shower floor is about eleven feet, and it is about 4 1/2 feet wide.
This picture shows half of the entry to the shower.  We tiled the tops of the short walls on either
side of the entry and will probably put plants there later.
Below you can see the shower hardware, which is plumbed with 3/4 inch copper tubing to provide
plenty of nice hot water.  We don't notice any change in pressure or temperature when both
showers are used at the same time, even when a toilet is flushed.