Progress,  page 73
We've been running Cat5-E network/data wire all over the house and each run comes back to
this patch panel in the utility run next to the great room.  The patch panel itself is about 20
inches wide with 96 different RJ-45 sockets, and we bought it for less than $70 on eBay.  The
phone line from the street curently comes in to the six sockets at the upper left (all wired in
parallel), which we can then patch to any Cat5-E line going anywhere in the house.  I doubt we'll
never need more than six live phone outlets at a time, but this way we can move them around as
we may want.  Same thing for the internet and network lines ... we'll patch lines from the router
to several of these sockets and then patch them to whichever remote locations we may want.  
Just like an old telephone switchboard!
This is the backside of the patch panel.  Each Cat5-E line has 8 conductors that get punched into
the sockets with a special tool.  It's pretty easy to do, but it's going to be hard to cram all the
cables in there as we do more of the wiring.  At least we've been color coding the lines so we can
remember where each one goes ...