Progress,  page 74
We've been trying to finish up the outside of the house so we can stucco it.  There are four
deck/patio overhangs that need to be added first, but this one off the dining room was the one I
worried about the most because it is so high above the ground.  I finally decided to build a
temporary deck and it made the job much easier and safer.  The overhang sticks out about 7 1/2
feet and all that is left here is to add the plywood sheathing.
To make the overhangs self-supporting we made trusses out of 2x8's, with the top chord tying
back into the house along the roof trusses.  It's pretty strong, but it means opening up the house
until the sheathing can be added ... something we need to do for each of the four overhangs.  The
winter probably isn't the best time of year to have to do that, but at least there aren't many bugs
around.  Still, it makes for interesting living on windy days.
The overhangs have parapets and scuppers just like the main part of the house.  This is the
overhang over the mud room door with the sheathing on it.  We intend to stucco the sides and put
pine tongue-and-groove boards on the underside.  There will be a large drip rail around the
perimeter to protect the underside.