Progress,  page 75
We've had a very mild winter this year with very few evenings below freezing and almost no rain.
 So here it is in the middle of March and we get a late and unexpected bit of snow.  Normally that
would be just a curiosity, but ...
... we've been adding the overhangs over the patio and deck the last few weeks, this one being
over the main entry.  These remaining overhangs are the last construction we need to complete
before finally getting the exterior of the house stucco'd.

But this is external to the house so no big deal, right?

Wrong ...
... because to make the overhangs self-supporting we have to run struts back into the house tied
along the roof trusses, and to do that we've had to open up the parapet face ...
... which left these gaping holes (about a foot high) over a 25 foot length of wall just when the snow
storm hit.  Luckily the winds were not high during the storm, but an awful lot of below-freezing air
came into our unheated house all night anyway.   We were beginning to feel like the Donner party.