Progress,  page 78
It has again been quite a while since our last picture updates.  That's because we managed to
find another activity that requires several weeks effort.  This time it is putting the stucco mesh
on the side of the house.  We want to have a traditional three-coat stucco exterior so we're
applying 17 gauge wire mesh, which is quite a bit heavier and stiffer than the more usual 20
gauge wire used for one-coat systems.  It takes more time to hang the heavier mesh since it is
more difficult to make it lay flat.

The parapets are sheathed with plywood and we can use a regular medium crown construction
stapler for that portion of the walls, but the staples don't hold well in the metal strips of the foam
panels so we have to use sheet metal screws.  Screws are slower and the embedded metal strips
only run every 12 inches or so, which also makes it trickier to get the mesh flat.   We do a lot of
post-tensioning of the mesh with a small twist tool I built.

I estimate the house has about 11,000 square feet of area to mesh.  We are maybe 60%
complete so we still have a few weeks before we are done.   Here are a few interim pictures.
This is the easy (west) side of the house.  Mostly flat ground for the ladder, and walls are not too
high.  The walls on the east side are higher ... about 22 feet above ground level.
The places where parapets join the main walls are slow to mesh ... lots of fitting pieces together
and lots of wire ends to tie off.
We've been simply meshing over the windows for now.  Later I'll cut out the openings, trim the
edges and fasten them down to the window bucks.