Progress,  page 79
Incredibly enough, it has taken us six months to put up the stucco mesh on this house.  There is
still a small area to be finished under the temporary decks, but everything else is now covered and
we have a stucco contractor scheduled to start stucco'ing the house the second week of November.

The last couple of weeks have been spent putting up 1200 lineal feet of J-trim (the flashing that
establishes a border for the stucco) on the inside of the roof parapets.  I was kind of pleased with
how it turned out so you get to suffer through a couple of pages of pictures.
This one shows many of the various roof sections and parapet heights.  Nobody in their right mind
builds this many roof sections (we have 19 in total) on a house, but we like the effect.  The parapets
have almost as much surface area as the normal outside walls of the house.
This is the view in the other direction.