Progress,  page 81
Well, the big day is finally here, at least for 2006.  We're finally getting stucco on this place.  No
more worries about the sun degrading the Tyvek (waterproof membrane) or eating away the
styrofoam walls.  There are lots of pictures on the next few pages, but it's been a while since
we've had a major update to this website so you'll just have to suffer through them.

We wanted a thick, durable stucco so I asked the contractor to do a two-coat system ... a rough
base (scratch) coat followed by a more smoothly troweled second coat.  A thin third coat using
really fine sand is often applied in such systems, but we wanted a rougher texture and just asked
them to buff the second coat with a wooden trowel.  These pictures all involve the first coat only
... we'll let it harden and crack for a few weeks before applying the second coat.
Getting set up
The mortar for the second coat comes standard with chopped fiberglass fibers, but I wanted
fibers in the first coat as well so I supplied my own.  I used 1/2 inch nylon fibers bought in bulk
from  I used 3 ounces of fibers per 78 pound bag of Type-S cement, and each
ounce contains over 2 million fibers.  The jar in the picture held 9 ounces mixed with water so we
could shake it up to separate the fibers before dumping them in the mixer.
First stucco being applied
Getting a wheelbarrow with the mixed stucco down the steep slope of the lot soon proved to be
When the stucco guys asked if they could use some of my wood and nails, I thought they just
needed another plank for the scaffold.
It turned out they were making a chute.  Here the stucco goes in ...
... and here it comes out.