Progress,  page 9
This is a picture of one of the corner panels.  There is a right hand version and a left hand
version.  Don't ask me which one this is ... probably the right hand, but I wouldn't swear to it.

The corner blocks are 2 feet long, which allows the straight panels to be staggered horizontally
for a bit extra interlocking prior to the concrete.  Notice the 1 inch lip on the short side to allow
the walls to be a multiple of a foot in length, since the blocks are 11 inches wide.
Here are the piles of sand and pea gravel we will use to mix the grout to fill the foam blocks.  
Each pile is 24 tons.  The truck driver admitted he was a bit concerned to discover he would be
delivering to the same site he had heard the concrete mixer drivers complaining about a few
days earlier, but he really didn't have much problem.

We bought a commercial 9 cubic foot concrete mixer (see
Tools page 2) to mix the grout.  
Although the mixer will hold more, to keep things manageable each load will contain one 94 lb
sack of portland cement, 250 lbs of sand, 250 pounds of pea gravel, and 7 gallons of water.  
Sounds like fun, huh?