Progress,  page 91
Inside the house, the next priority was to get the kitchen functional.  This is the roughout for the
center island, which we built in place from 3/4 inch 7-ply sanded plywood.
Here's the top view of the center section of the island, and the dishwasher has already been
installed at the right.  Since there is about fifty-five feet of 3/4 inch copper plumbing between the
main water heater and the island sink (representing about a gallon and a half of water), we added
a 4-gallon local water heater to provide almost instant-on hot water.
We needed some way to conveniently route the copper plumbing and the electrical wires to the
island, so we ran them along the concrete slab and then built a raised floor on top of them.  We
figured it would kind of set off the kitchen area anyway.