Progress,  page 95
With the kitchen at least functional, it was time to get the ceiling insulated.  The ICF walls are
very thermally efficient, but we had already spent two winters having all the warmth disappear
through the roof at night and didn't want to sit around watching TV while wrapped up in heating
blankets again.  Before we could install any insulation, however, we had to install the ductwork
for the air conditioning system.  I arranged with a local HVAC company to engineer and supply
us with a suitable system, with the agreement that I would install all of the ductwork.  Here is a
small portion of the pieces they delivered.
I found a company online that sold a very nice brand of foam core insulation faced with aluminum
foil, and we bought four large rolls of it.
I wrapped each section before installing it.  That made it far easier than trying to insulate them
in place, but we had so much ductwork to put up that it still took forever.   Plus,  I still had climb
up into the trusses to insulate the joints.