Progress,  page 97
We elected to go with blown in cellulose insulation, and since we didn't have anything on the
ceiling yet the installers had to staple this mesh fabric up in all the rooms.  It took them as much
time to put up the fabric as it did to actually blow in the insulation.
This guy was amazing.  Most installers simply cut slits in the fabric, shove the hose up through
them, and try to guess how much insulation they're putting up there in any one spot.  This guy
left himself some access holes and actually crawled around with the hose up in the trusses,
navigating around and over ductwork and wiring to make sure he was getting the full depth of
insulation (14 inches in our case) everywhere.
The ceiling in the atrium area wasn't deep enough to hold 14 inches of blown in insulation, so I
bought a bunch of styrofoam panels and glued them about 5 inches thick up there using door and
window sealing foam.  The R-value works about about the same.